WordPress: How to redirect 404 errors to plain HTML pages


Sites with high volume of content may have some moved, deleted or badly referenced content. This situation will cause a 404 http error.


In high performance sites the previously described situation can be a resource problem. It is not necessary that we load completely the site to show a 404 error page.


Loading a plain HTML page will result easier for our web server than loading a complete CMS instance.

With a few lines of code we can hook the WordPress normal loading in order to determine if a 404 error has been produced. If we detect this situation we will make a redirection to a plain HTML page, interrupting the normal WordPress loading process.

Copy and paste the next code snippet into your functions.php, in your theme folder. Create a new plain HTML, name it 404.html and upload it to the site’s root.


function determine_if_404(&$arr){
    global $wp_query;
        header('Location: '.get_bloginfo('siteurl').'/404.html');

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Jordi Plana

Jordi Plana

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