Open Graph Metatags for Facebook

You can download my WordPress Plugin: Open Graph Metatags for Facebook clicking here.

What are Open Graph Metatags?

Open Graph is a protocol for customizing which information will be scrapped from your site, on Facebook sharing.

What does the plugin?

The plugin just adds the Open Graph metatags on your header, based on the title, content and thumbnail of your post.

How do I install de plugin?

Just download it from the WordPress plugins repository, activate it and enjoy!

Plugin info

Current version: 1.26
Author: Jordi Plana
Release log:


  • Strip shortcodes function added in order to sanitize description.


  • Added extra process to get first image attachment as sharing thumbnail, in case of post-thumbnail ausence.


  • Fixed a bug about thumbnail sharing.


  • Added extra sanitization of description
  • Added more Open Graph tags: type, url, locale and sitename.


  • Develop an user interface to manually introduce which content will be shown.
  • Integration with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.
  • Integration with WPML.
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Open Graph Metatags for Facebook
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Jordi Plana

Jordi Plana

I'm Jordi Plana, a software developer in his late twenties.I've been involved in web development for the past 12 years. It all started with a website dedicated to playing board games when I was a teenager, and since then I had the chance to make websites for all kind of businesses, organizations and individuals.

21 thoughts on “Open Graph Metatags for Facebook

  1. Hello, I have been struggling with some posts on my clients site pulling a generic image and description on the fb share….only some posts.. if you go here: and share the first post “How To Get Along With A Struggling Comedian” you will see the generic image and Official Website in the share… the same is true for teh second and third posts… but if you share the 4th one “The Righteous Prick 2012 Oscar Breakdown” you will see a choice of thumbnails and “The Righteous Prick 2012 Oscar Breakdown” as the description.

    I have installed and activated your plug-in and see no change.. can you please advise or direct me to some solution please?

    Thank you,
    Steve Axworthy

  2. Hi Jordi,

    I am using your plug in, thanks for making it. I am not sure if your plug would fix this problem, but when a post is liked on my site, the wrong thumbnail appears. Even if I post the link, I am unable to select a thumbnail for the video in the post, only the site’s logo. Like I said, don’t know if your plugin is supposed to fix this.

    Thanks for your help


  3. Hi,

    I also have the same problem like the others. I already installed the plugin and activated it but still the problem exist. Can you check it too? Sharing the link on facebook and it doesnt show the right post title and the right post description. Thanks in advance.

  4. I do have the featured thumb but when I will share the url of the blogs post to fb.. It will only show the thumbnail, but with the homepage title and homepage meta description.

  5. Hola Jordi, lo primero muchas gracias por el Plugin, me está ayudando mucho con esto!

    He instalado la versión 1.26 y activado el plugin. Cuando comparto un enlace sigue sin mostrarme la meta información, ni la imagen ni ninguna descripción. Si compruebo el código veo que realmente el plugin está funcionando ya que todos los campos meta tag que incluye tienen su correspondiente content. Por ejemplo la imagen en miniatura si lo ves la está recogiendo bien, pero debo hacer algo mal porque no se muestra… No debe ser competencia tuya pues como te digo, el plugin hace su función, pero ¿Podrías orientarme? Muchas gracias, un saludo!

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