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bbPress Protected Forums Plugin

You can download my WordPress Plugin: bbPress Protected Forums clicking here.

What does the plugin?

bbPress Protected Forums adds a metabox, shown while editing a forum, that allows you to disable new topic creation for determined user roles.

The plugin is perfect for those situations that you may want your users to see the list of topics of a forum but don’t want them to create new topics.

Plugin fully compatible with bbPress 2.x

How do I install de plugin?

Just download it from the WordPress plugins repository, activate it and enjoy!


Plugin info

Current version: 1.0
Author: Jordi Plana
Release log:


  • First version
Author Rating
Aggregate Rating
5 based on 1 votes
Brand Name
Product Name
bbPress Protected Forums
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Available in Stock
Jordi Plana

Jordi Plana

I'm Jordi Plana, a software developer in his late twenties.I've been involved in web development for the past 12 years. It all started with a website dedicated to playing board games when I was a teenager, and since then I had the chance to make websites for all kind of businesses, organizations and individuals.

11 thoughts on “bbPress Protected Forums Plugin

  1. Hola Jordi,

    he instalat el teu plugin a un projecte i aunque funciona de meravella tinc un dubte.

    Hi ha cap manera de restringir també als visitants que no estan logats?

    De moment he fet un arreglet posant un condicional en cas de que $current_user siga 0.

    El projecte, per si vols veure’l es aquest http://www.elplacerdeescribir.com/

    Moltes gracies!

    1. Hola Vicente,
      Gràcies per utilitzar el plugin!

      Pots afegir un condicional a la linea 36 del plugin, dins de la funció pf_start_capture just després del bucle foreach:

      add_action( 'bbp_theme_after_topic_form', 'pf_stop_capture');

      La funció is_user_logged_in() torna false si l’usuari no està logat.

      Espero haver-te ajudat.

  2. Hola Vicente,

    Your plugin is very nice but i’m a beginner with WP.

    The plugin show the topic but I don’t want to is related on the FAQ

    But I don’t understand what I have to do for fix this mini-problem.

    Can you do a screencast and put on youtube the video ?

    Will be very simple to understand :)

    Merci d’avance !!!

    Fom de Bruxellas :)

  3. Hi Jordi,
    i just written an e-mail through your contact-form.
    Just wanted to know if its possible to keep your plugin up to date?
    I’m using the actual wordpress-version right now.

    Bobo :)

  4. Hola Jordi,

    Tu plugin me parece genial, es justo lo que andaba buscando. Pero tengo un problema, cuando accedo a la pagina principal del foro, justo donde prodria crear un debate nuevo, me corta la pagina, la parte de la pagina del debate sale encima de la cabecera y después el resto. No se que puedo estar haciendo mal. Podrías ayudarme por favor.

  5. While using this plugin along with Timber, I discovered a minor bug.

    The foreach on line 31 in the bbpress-pf.php file needs to “break” if a disallowed role is matched. Otherwise the ob_start() will be called multiple times but the pf_stop_capture() action is only called once. This creates a buffer level that never gets cleaned and can mess things up.


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