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plugin by:
Jordi Plana

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On September 20, 2012
Last modified:March 31, 2014


bbPress Like button adds automatically a Like Button (Youtube alike) in all your forum posts and replies. It allows users to give some greetings to others contributions.

You can download my WordPress Plugin: bbPress Like Button clicking here.

What does the plugin?

bbPress Like button adds automatically a Like Button (Youtube alike) in all your forum posts and replies. It allows users to give some greetings to others contributions.

Plugin fully compatible with bbPress 2.5 and WordPress 3.8

How do I install de plugin?

Just download it from the WordPress plugins repository, activate it and enjoy!


Likes Log Screen. You are able to see all likes in a fancy grid.

bbPress Like Button

Likes Stadistics. This screen shows top 10 users

bbPress Like Button

Example of Like Button

bbPress Like Button



  • export likes log to CSV
  • reply/post list view column with like number in the dashboard
  • reset logs button
  • add do_action and apply_filters
  • BuddyPress Activity Stream integration
  • Option: allow like only replies (exclude OP)
  • Option: email notification on like


  • icons set
  • unlike
  • widget most liked post/user

Plugin info

Current version: 1.4
Author: Jordi Plana
Release log:


  • Fixed broken plugin
  • Removed custom database table creation and usage
  • Moved all data saving to WordPress native tables
  • Fixed static files loading
  • Rework on Like logs (removed date timestamp and sortable options for the grid)
  • Code clean up
  • New translation: Serbo-Croatian


  • Fixed activation hook error (creating plugin table)
  • Added Macedonian language


  • Fixed error with the Grid (Likes Log)
  • Fixed AJAX Error
  • Settings page
  • Data sanitization (security)


  • Typo Errors


  • Initial release.

40 Responses to “bbPress Like Button Plugin”

  1. David


    Looks like a great plugin — I was wondering, does this work on BuddyPress groups forums as well, or is it only for the full bbPress forums?


  2. Jordan

    This would be awesome on Buddypress group forums (one of the most common ways the forums are implemented).

    I wonder if there’s anyway to integrate with CubePoints so that if someone get’s liked in the forum they get some extra points.

    Do people get email notification if someone likes their stuff?

  3. Jordi Plana

    Jordi Plana

    Hello Jordan,
    Thanks for your opinion, it would be great to do the plugin compatible with both forum systems, but currently I don’t have enough free time to do it. Maybe in the future!

    CubePoints sounds interesting to implement in the plugin, I will take a look.

    It should not be difficult to develop an optional email notification and integration with BuddyPress activity stream. I add these features to the TODO list.


  4. Aswin

    Hello Jordi ,

    You have done an awesome plugin. I like to know, if a dislike button is possible with this. Please let me know about it.

    Thank You!

    • Jordi Plana

      Jordi Plana

      Hello Aswin,
      Thanks for using the plugin. A dislike button would be possible in next releases, but there are other features I would like to include before.

  5. Jerson Barrios

    Hi Boss,

    I tried to use this plugin on my thesis theme, it seems not working when i tried to click and like the button.. Its not working when went to the likes tab the likes were not showing at all.. When i try to reload the page to where the topic is, the button is active to click like again.. Kindly help me please, i appreciate your help

    Best regards,


    • Jordi Plana

      Jordi Plana

      Hello Jerson,
      Probably you have installed version 1.2, that has a bug on plugin activation.
      Please upgrade to latest version of the plugin.

      • Natalie

        hi, i have the same problem as Jerson but am running the latest version (1.3). How do I fix this?


        • Jordi Plana

          Jordi Plana

          Hello Natalie,

          Please be sure that you uninstall and install de plugin. The version 1.3 fixes this issue, but in order to work the plugin has to be newly installed.

          Let me know if your problem was solved.

          • Natalie

            Hi Jordi,

            Thanks for the reply. I’ve removed and reinstalled the plugin but it still isn’t working. The website is I’d really like to get this working on the forum so please let me know how to fix it.


          • Toxed2loss

            Hi Jordi,
            I’m having the same problem. I have a BB forum on my WordPress platform. I’ve installed version, 1.3 twice, and I still have the same problem. yes, I did delete the previous plug-in, just as you advised. Any clues?

  6. Mark

    This would be a great plugin if it posted the number of likes next to the thumb (like Facebook, YouTube). Any plans to implement that in the future?

  7. Fina

    Hi Jordy,
    this is a very nice plugin, i like it very much. Now i have a problem with the tooltip for displaying the people who have liked a reply, even when the option is enabled nothing appears. I did not resolve any JS errors or something else, what could be wrong?

    thanks in advance

  8. Antonio


    estoy intentando mandarte un mensaje desde el formulario de contacto pero no hay manera.

    ¿Podrías enviarme un email por favor para una propuesta de trabajo?

    Gracias y un saludo

  9. Joerg


    I also have Problems with this Plugin. I have installed version 1.3 and using WP 3.5.
    I have the same Problems like Jerson Barrios and Natalie,
    I would love to use this tool. It would be great if you could let me know when you solve the problem.
    thanks in advance

  10. Sunny

    Hey Jordi,

    “Show tooltip, with people who liked, on shortcode lists output.”

    What does this line mean? How can the user see who liked their posts?


  11. Allen

    The plugin doesnt work for me. I use the latest version and the likes don’t get logged. The button shows up but when i press it nothing happens. Nothing gets logged. Can you pls help?

  12. Ron

    Hi, Question –

    Are you able to a like button by way of a shortcode for particular topics? Some of my forum topics do not require a like button.


    PS: great plugin

  13. Kat

    Hello Jordi!

    It shows like a great plugin.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working with the latest versions of WordPress (3.5.1.) and Buddypress (1.6.5)

    I have installed the plugin but no like button!

    Any ideas?

  14. Monique

    I am intending to use your plugin. I have it installed on my localhost to see it in action, but there seems to be a problem.

    I wanted the lead-topic shown different, so I added:
    add_filter( ‘bbp_show_lead_topic’, ‘__return_true’ ); in my functions.php.

    But now the Like button is not appearing in the lead-topic. It does show in the replies.

    Can you help me out with a solution?


    P.s. I am using WordPress 3.5.1. and Buddypress 1.7.2

  15. Mirko


    after installing and activating your plugin a button in the top menu bar disappeared (disabling the plugin I get it back).

    The button is a Login/Logout button that changes according to the status of the user (logged/not logged). Any hint about what is messing up with it?


  16. Eran Shefi

    I installed the plugin, and can see the icon in top of threads and replies, but no counter is showing and sometimes the icon is empty – a black rectangle appears instead.

    Any idea?

    last versions of bbpress and buddypress.


  17. Hardeep

    Hi !

    I would very much like to use this on my bbPress installation .

    I am using Firmasite theme. The like button does not show up :-(((

    On some other themes it shows up..

    Pl advise, thanks

  18. Amin

    Hi, thanks for this great plugin. I’m waiting for the next release, because I’m using buddypress + bbpress plugin.
    but now, when I add these codes to a text widget, it doesn’t work:
    all I see, are these codes in the sidebar. I’m using buddypress default theme. anything I’m missing here?!

  19. Chris

    trying to activating this plugin has caused my IP to be blocked by the website. Including FTP access. Please advise on what to do about this. Have had both other admins try to deactivate it and the same has happened to them.

  20. CR

    Same problem as Fina:

    in frontend the tooltip for displaying the people who have liked a reply, even when the option is enabled nothing appears.

    What must be done so that users can move the mouse cursor over the number of likes in frontend and see atooltip with all users names that liked.

  21. Randy

    The Like (thumbs up) Icon changes to a spinning circle and hangs when clicked. Tried re-installing version 1.3 of bbpress-like-button but it did not fix the problem. Any ideas?


  22. Randy

    Getting this error in the logs:

    [Wed Nov 13 10:03:03 2013] [error] [client] WordPress database erro
    r Table ‘eolWP.wp_bbplike’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wp_bbpli
    ke WHERE post_id = 570 made by require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-i
    ncludes/template-loader.php’), apply_filters(‘template_include’), call_user_func
    _array, bbp_template_include, apply_filters(‘bbp_template_include’), call_user_f
    unc_array, bbp_template_include_theme_compat, BBP_Shortcodes->display_topic, bbp
    _get_template_part, bbp_locate_template, load_template, require(‘/plugins/bbpres
    s/templates/default/bbpress/content-single-topic.php’), bbp_get_template_part, b
    bp_locate_template, load_template, require(‘/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/b
    bpress/loop-replies.php’), bbp_get_template_part, bbp_locate_template, load_temp
    late, require(‘/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/bbpress/loop-single-reply.php’
    ), do_action(‘bbp_theme_before_reply_admin_links’), call_user_func_array, bbpres
    s_like->bbpl_show_button, bbpress_like->get_likes_number, referer:

    How do we fix this?

  23. TonyL

    Looked like it was just what I needed but all I am seeing is the following error:

    WordPress database error: [Table 'photomag_wordpress.wordpress_bbplike' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id FROM wordpress_bbplike WHERE user_id = 1 AND post_id = 3398
    WordPress database error: [Table 'photomag_wordpress.wordpress_bbplike' doesn't exist]
    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wordpress_bbplike WHERE post_id = 3398

    I would be grateful for any help on fixing this error.


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